Permian Midstream Takeaway Capacity & Infrastructure Congress 2018

permian basin midstream conference

Permian Midstream Takeaway Capacity & Infrastructure Congress 2018
November 28 – 29, 2018 – Houston, Texas

The Leading High Quality Business Conference On Midstream Infrastructure Solutions To Support The Growth Of The Permian Basin

Hear Real Insights From Companies Making Real Plans, Spending Dollars And Have Their Skin In The Game

American Business Conferences’ Permian Midstream 2018 – Takeaway Capacity & Infrastructure Congress returns to Houston with a focus on providing more insight than what’s being announced in the press.

Production in the Permian is growing at an unprecedented pace. Takeaway is the biggest story in the Basin right now. The constraint in capacity is an issue that concerns all participants – which pipelines are being built and what’s planned for the future are some of the biggest questions that need answering before more investment takes place.

At a time when record production in the Permian Basin has led to capacity constraints and bottlenecks, companies are on the lookout for solutions in terms of trucking, pipelines, rail is desirable for them.

• 2 Days of Learning, Networking & Business Development : All attendees will take back all conference presentation material
• Multiple Registration & Live Stream Options : With subsidized E&P rates and group discounts, plus a fully interactive live stream option available this year, there’s no reason to miss out

It is imperative for E&P companies, midstream operators and service providers to be on the same page regarding the transport of products out of the Permian Basin so they can reach their desired markets. With this in mind, the Permian Midstream Takeaway Capacity & Infrastructure Congress has a focus on looking into current pipeline capacities, new infrastructure projects in addition to future projects.

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