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   Eagle Ford News has the largest Facebook Page www.facebook.com/EagleFord that is dedicated to sharing news, information and resources for the Eagle Ford Shale oil and gas play going on in South Texas. The Eagle Ford Shale is expected to be the largest recoverable oilfield in the lower 48 United States and is quickly becoming the most profitable oilfield in the world. Eagle Ford News reports on the importance of the shale and how it affects our communities – and our nation’s quest for energy independence.

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   We’re Texans – we like oil and gas…. It’s not always easy with the current administration, but we try to stay out of politics. It’s hard though because the fact is, if it were up to some of the more liberal democrats – there would be no Eagle Ford…period, end of story. We support those (in both parties) who support fracking and energy independence for our country. At least with Eagle Ford News, you know where we are coming from.


The Fracking Misinformation and Outright Lies:

   Seems that Hollywood actors have become the experts in all fields these days. Geology and petroleum engineering can now be added to their resume.

   Many environmentalists are afraid of fracking because they’ve been brainwashed by Big Hollywood stunts and fear mongerers, (and others with ulterior motives) into believing that their water is going to catch on fire!

   The truth is, that while all drilling is dangerous work, horizontal drilling poses no more danger to the water supply than a conventional vertical well – it’s all the same at that (water table) depth. All major studies by the government, universities, and other experts prove this time after time. The well bore for both vertical wells and horizontal wells is encased in layers of steel lining and cement at the water table level – plus it’s all “vertical” at that point.

   The extreme environmentalists are a different story. They know better and their agenda is spreading fear and lies. They fear that plentiful, environmentally friendly Natural Gas will squash the business models for Wind and Solar. US energy independence will also hurt the people that finance them…

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