Permian Basin Congress 2018 Houston Texas

New Artificial Lift Designs & Production Optimization Technologies Permian Basin Congress 
2018 – January 23, 24 & 25 – Houston, Texas

American Business Conferences’ flagship Permian Production Optimization Congress returns to Houston on January 23, 24 & 25, rebranded as the New Artificial Lift Designs & Production Optimization Technologies Permian Basin Congress 2018, packed with E&P case studies and dollar-driven solutions to…

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‘Maximize Production Out Of Existing Assets’
‘Reduce Lifting Costs & Downtime’
‘Reduce Well Failure Frequency’

The January 2018 event is designed to explore cost-effective ways to practically implement the latest tools to market and optimize production performance.

Attend to discover production optimization strategies and new technologies to optimize recovery over the full life of wells, while reducing LOE and failures.

Speakers & Panelists Include:
• Matt Berkebile, Senior Production Engineer, Diamondback Energy Inc
• Younes El Fadili, EVP Operations, Fortuna Resources
• Guy Jordan, Engineer Petroleum, Whiting Corporation
• Mark Linroth, Technical Services Director, Kinder Morgan
• Jeff Ryan, Production Manager, Diamondback Energy
• Dennis Harris, Petroleum Engineer, Chevron Energy Technology Company
• Levi Harris, Sr. Production Engineer, Diamondback Energy
• Bryan Bugg, Senior Completions Engineer, Liberty Resources
• Ryan Tomblin, Senior Production Engineer, Citation Oil & Gas
• Mick Harrison, President and CEO, Harrison-Wright Oil Company, LLC

2018 Agenda > What Will You Learn On January 23,24 & 25
• New E&P Operational Strategies & Application Of Artificial Lift Technologies
• Innovative Strategies To Minimize Overall Lifting Costs
• Establishing Artificial Lift Lifecycle Ownership Costs & Pay Points
• Artificial Lift Design Strategy > In-Depth Case Studies
• Artificial Lift Selection Strategies By Play Type, Pay Zone & Stage Of The Well’s Lifecycle
• Artificial Lift Progression: Determine Initial Crossover Points & Appropriate Switching Timing
• Artificial Lift Application Strategies: Tying ESP, Rod Pump, Jet Pump and Gas Lift Technologies With Performance
• Game-Changing Innovations In Production & Artificial Lift Automation Technologies & Software Systems
• Minimize The Frequency Of Well Bore & Equipment Failure, And Workover Rates
• Minimize Sand And Scale & Corrosion Related Failures
• Innovative Materials To Prevent Wellbore Failures
• Real-Time Failure Prediction Technologies
• Strategies To Minimize The Cost Of Chemicals, Electricity & Water Management
• Cross-Basin Lessons & Transferable Technologies
• Near-Future Artificial Lift Technologies: Examine New Technologies And Impact On With Production Performance

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