More Fuzzy Math From Austin, Texas

New report from Austin based “Environment Texas” claims that fracking costs Texans money!  You heard that right – Eagle Ford brings no net monetary value to Texas – It’s just one big sucking sound on our economy.

See the full report at:

Maybe it’s that new math they are teaching up at the university.  Where do these guys come up with these numbers?  Maybe the Texas Environmentalists should just follow the New York environmentalists and blame the spread of syphilis on fracking too. (see


New Math from Austin, TX













Eagle Ford News Opinion…. With these environmentalists – it’s really NOT about the fracking – per se.  What it’s really about is cheap, clean, good ole USA oil and gas.  See, becasue if we have plenty of cheap, clean, local oil and gas – then their wind and solar can’t get off the ground. Now don’t get us wrong – we’re all for alternative energy, where it makes sense.  Right now, we can’t meet our energy demands with wind and solar. Ask T. Boone Pickens about Wind