Eagleford Wellsite Efficiencies Conference

6th Annual New Technologies For Lower Cost, More Efficient On Shore Well Site Facilities 2019

September 17, 18 & 19, 2019 – Houston, Texas

North America’s Leading Well Site Facilities Onshore Event Returns To Houston In September

Eagleford Wellsite Efficiency Conference

With brand new event features and improvements built in over three full days, this year’s 6th Annual New Technologies For Lower Cost, More Efficient On Shore Well Site Facilities 2019 agenda focuses on the ultimate goal of growing without increasing cost, while achieving a smaller footprint- meaning increased capital benefit, reduced processing footprint, reduction in labor time, improvement in safety – and covers the full breadth of best practices to take a project from strategy to full development mode.

While operators want to build bigger, better and more efficient facilities, we aim to address some critical consideration at this years event including:

• Application of new modular concepts and technologies for constructing more flexible facilities – What’s new in the market and whats working?
• Assess emerging technologies for remote control and monitoring systems – Evaluating actual cost savings, safety & operability
• Strategies for handling high rates of flowback water: Assessing cost-completive water treatment solutions that are delivering tangible results
• Learn about latest technological advancements to minimize environmental and safety liabilities while achieving almost zero emissions

Key E&P speakers at this years conference include:

• Stuart Ferguson, Asset Infrastructure Manager, Discovery Natural Resources
• Chris White, Planning, Strategy & Engineering Supervisor, ConocoPhillips
• Sidhesh Pathare, Senior Facilities Engineer, Occidental Petroleum Corporation
• Austin Weaver, Senior Facilities Engineer, Noble Energy
• Joshua Zrubek, Operations Maintenance Foreman, Discovery Natural Resources
• Jaimee Dahl, Leader – Midstream, Facilities, & Special Projects, Equinor
• Gregory Thibeaux, Facility Engineering Discipline Lead, Noble Energy
• Donald Sevier, Production Facilities Engineer, Lime Rock Resources
• Bill Fairhurst, President, Riverford Exploration LLC
• Andy Vecsey, Director of Facilities, Windy Cove Energy

For a full list of speakers, visit http://www.facilities-design-onshore.com/4/speakers/

Over 200 Attendees In The Room At The 2018 Event
Over 80% Of Attendees Are E&Ps

This is North America’s Only Event Dedicated To Designing & Operating Efficient Well Site Facilities To Improve Efficiency, Maximize Profitability & Reduce Emissions.

EVisit www.facilities-design-onshore.com for event details