Movie Frack Nation Has Been Funded – Production will Commence

Good news & just in time!  (since it’s rumored that Matt Damon will be putting together his own BIG HOLLYWOOD budgeted Anti-Fracking movie to be called “The Promised Land”).
(see ) 

Looks like the battle to stop fracking has just begun.

A message from the Frack Nation movie producers:

Dear Backers,

Yea!!! We did it… You did it!We not only achieved our minimum goal, but blew by it, especially in the last 24 hours, to raise $212,262 from 3,305 people to get the truth out about fracking in our film FrackNation. Thank you very much for your support.Your pledged amount will be charged by Amazon Payments to your credit card today. Amazon might have made a small $1 test charge when you first made your pledge, but Amazon will only charge your total pledge amount once (there are no multiple or subscription charges). If you find an error with your charge, please contact Amazon directly since all Kickstarter payments are managed by Amazon Payments.

If you have questions, please check here:

Thank you again for your support.We will keep you updated as we progress with finishing FrackNation.

Have a great Easter weekend.

Ann, Phelim and Magda