Resources and Important Links Concerning Eagle Ford

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Government Agencies

Texas Railroad Commission (Railroad Commission of Texas)

U.S. Energy Information Administration 

U.S. Department of Energy 

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 

U.S. Geological Survey 


Technical Resources

Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission 

Ground Water Protection Council 

National Ground Water Association 

American Petroleum Institute 

America’s Natural Gas Alliance  

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Toxocology page) 

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) 

Independent Petroleum Association of America 

Chemical Abstract Service 

The Chemical Database 

National Institute of Standards and Technology 

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Hydraulic fracturing page) 

George E. King Engineering, Inc. 

Society of Petroleum Engineers 

American Exploration and Production Council 

Drilling Contractors:

3-M Energy Corporation
Abraxas Petroleum Corporation
Addax Operating, LLC.
Aera Energy LLC
Alta Mesa Service, LP
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Anschutz Exploration Corporation
Antero Resources Corporation
Apache Corporation
Apollo Operating, LLC
Approach Resources
ARES Energy, LTD
Argent Energy (US) Holdings, Inc.
Arrington Oil & Gas Operating, LLC
Aruba Petroleum, Inc.
Athlon Energy Operating LLC
Atlantic Operating, Inc.
Atlas Resource Partners, LP
Atlas Energy, L.P.
Augustus Energy Partners, LLC
AWP Operating Company
Axia Energy, LLC
Axis Energy Corporation
Aztec Drilling & Operating, LLC
BASA Resources, Inc.
Bayswater Exploration & Production, LLC
Baytex Energy USA Ltd.
BC Operating, Inc.
Berry Petroleum
Best Petroleum Explorations, Inc.
BG Group plc
BHP Billiton Petroleum (Fayetteville) LLC
Big Star Oil & Gas, LLC
Bill Barrett Corporation
Black Brush O & G, Inc.
Black Diamond Minerals, LLC
Black Hills Exploration and Production
Black Raven Energy, Inc.
BLS Production Co., Inc.
Bluestem Energy Holdings, LLC
BlueStone Natural Resources II, LLC
BLX, Inc.
Boaz Energy, LLC
Bold Operating , LLC
Bonanza Creek Energy, Inc.
Borderline Operating Corp.
BP America Production Company
Brammer Engineering, Inc.
Breck Operating Corp.
Breitling Oil and Gas
Bridwell Oil Company
Brigham Oil & Gas, L.P.
BTA Oil Producers LLC
Burk Royalty Co., LTD.
Burleson Petroleum, Inc.
Burnett Oil Co., Inc.
BVX Operating Inc.
C & J Energy Services
Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation
Callon Petroleum Operating Company
Capstone Natural Resources, LLC
Carrizo (Marcellus) LLC
Carrizo Oil & Gas, Inc.
Caraway Operating Company
Chalker Energy Partners, III
Chaparral Energy, LLC
Chesapeake Operating, Inc.
Chevron USA, Inc.
Cheyenne Petroleum Co.
Chief Oil & Gas LLC
Cimarex Energy Co.
Cimarex Energy Co. of Colorado
Cinco Natural Resources Corporation
Cirque Resources LP
Citation Oil and Gas Corp.
Citrus Energy Corporation
Clayton Williams Enerby, Inc.
Clear Fork Inc.
CML Exploration, LLC
Cobra Oil & Gas Corporation
COG Operating LLC
Columbus Oil Company
Comstock Oil & Gas
Condor Energy Technology, LLC
ConocoPhillips Company
CONSOL Energy, Inc.
Continental Resources
Cordillera Energy Partners, III
Corinthian Exploration (USA) Corp.
Corlena Oil Company
Crescent Point Energy
Crest Resources, Inc.
Crimson Exploration Oper., Inc.
Crockett Operating LLC
Crossroads Energy Partners, LLC
Crown Equipment Co.
CrownQuest Operating, LLC
The Cumming Company, Inc.
Delta CO2, LLC
Delta Oil & Gas Ltd.
Denali Oil & Gas Management
Denbury Onshore, LLC
Devon Energy
Diamondback Resources, LLC
Discovery Operating, Inc.
DTE Gas Resources, LLC
E&B Natural Resources Management Corporation
Eagle Ridge Energy, LLC
Eagle Ridge Operating, LLC
Eagle Rock Mid-Continent Operating, LLC
Eagle Rock Operating Company, LLC
Eckard Global, LLC
Eclipse Resources I, LP
E C Stryker, Inc.
Edge Barnett Operating Company LLC
EdgeMarc Energy Holding, LLC
EF Energy, LLC
E.G.L. Resources, Inc.
El Paso E&P Company
Element Petro Operating II, LLC
Element Petroleum Operating, LLC
Elm Ridge Exploration Co. LLC
Empresa Energy, LLC
Encana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc.
Endeavor Energy Rsources
Enduring Resources LLC
Energen Resources Corporation
Energy Corporation of America
Enerplus Resources (USA) Corporation
EnerVest, Ltd.
EOG Resources, Incorporated
EP Energy
EQT Production
Estancia Oil & Gas, LLC
Evertson Operating Company, Inc.
Exaro Energy II, LLC
EXCO Resources, Inc. (Joint Venture w/ BG Group plc)
ExL Petroleum, LP
Extex Operating Company
ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company
Fair Oil, Ltd.
Fairways Exploration & Production, LLC
Fairway Resources Op. LLC
Fasken Oil and Ranch, Ltd.
Fidelity Exploration & Production
FIML Natural Resources, LLC
Finley Resources, Inc.
Fivestones Energy LLC
Foree Oil Company
Foreland Operating, LLC
Forest Oil Corporation 
Forge Energy, LLC
Foundation Energy Management, LLC
Franks Exploration Company, LLC
Future Petroleum Company, LLC
FX Drilling Company, Inc.
G3 Operating, LLC
GPII Energy, Inc.
Gasco Energy, Inc.
Gastar Exploration Texas LP
GeoSouthern Energy Corporation
GMX Resources
Goodrich Petroleum Co. LLC
Gordon Creek, LLC.
Gosney & Sons, Inc.
Great Plains Operating, LLC
Great Western Drilling
Great Western Oil & Gas Company, LLC
Gunnison Energy Corporation
Gunn Oil Company
H&L Exploration Company, LLC
Halcon Resources Corporation
Hannathon Petroleum, LLC
Heartland Solutions, Inc.
Helis Oil & Gas Company, L.L.C.
Henry Resources LLC
Hess Corporation
Hibernia Resources, LLC
HighMount Exploration & Production LLC
Hilcorp Energy Company
Holmes Exploration, LLC
HRM Resources LLC
Hungtington Energy, LLC
Hunt Marcellus Operating Company
Hunt Oil Company
Imperial Gas Resources, LLC
Incline Energy
Indigo II Louisiana Operating, LLC
Indigo Minerals
Ironwood Oil and Gas, LLC
J Cleo Thompson
JDL Operating, LLC
Jetta Operating Company, Inc.
Johanson Oil
Johnson & Ernst Operating Co.
Jones Energy Ltd.
Juno Operating Company II, LLC
J-W Operating Company
K.P. Kaufman Company, Inc.
Kaler Energy Corp.
Keith F. Walker Oil & Gas Co., LLC
Killam Oil Co., Ltd.
Kindee Oil & Gas Texas, LLC
Kinder Morgan
Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp.
Lane Operating Company
Laramie Energy II, LLC
Laredo Petroleum, Inc.
LaVernia Oil
Layline Petroleum
LCS Production Company
LeClair Operating Co., Inc.
Legacy Reserves Operating LP
Legado Permian, LLC
Legend Natural Gas, LLC
L.E. Jones Operating, Inc.
LeNorman Operating LLC
Lewis Energy Group
Liberty Resources LLC
Limestone Exploration II, LLC
Linn Energy, LLC
Llewellin Operating Company, LLC
LP Operating, LLC
Magnet Oil LP
Magnum Hunter Resources Corp.
MAK-J Energy
Marlin Energy Southwest GP, L.L.C.
Matador Production Company
Matrix Energy, LLC
McClure Oil Co.
McElvain Energy, Inc.
MDS Energy, Ltd
Medders Oil Company, Inc.
Merit Energy Company
Meritage Energy Company, LLC
Mesa-Energy Partners, LLC
Mestana Operating, L.L.C.
Metano Energy III, LP
Mewbourne Oil Company
Mid-Con Energy Operating, Inc.
Mid-States Operating Company
Midenergy Operating, LLC
Midland Oil and Gas, Inc.
Milagro Exploration, LLC
Mohican Operating
Molopo Energy Texas, LLC
Muirfield Exploration, Ltd.
Murex Petroleum Corp.
Murphy Exploration and Production USA
Muskegon Development Company
MWS Producing, Inc.
NMR Energy LLC
Navidad Resources, LLC
Newark E&P Operating, LLC
New Gulf Resources, LLC
Newfield Exploration Company
NFR Energy LLC
Noble Energy, Inc.
Novus Operating, LLC
Oasis Petroleum
O’Benco, Inc.
Occidental Oil and Gas
O.H.B., Inc.
Omni Oil & Gas
Opal Resources Operating Company
Osborn Heirs Company
Overland Resources, LLC
Pacesetter Energy, LLC.
Palmco LLC
Paloma Resources, LLC
Parsley Energy Operations, LLC
Parallel Petroleum LLC
Partee Drilling, Inc.
Parten Operating, Inc.
Patara Oil & Gas, LLC
Patriot Resources, Inc.
PDC Energy
Peak Permian, LLC
Peak Powder River Resources, LLC
Peak Texas Resources, LLC
Pecos Operating Company, LLC
Penn Virginia Oil & Gas Corporation
Pennsylvania General Energy
Peregrine Petroleum
Peterson Energy Operating, Inc.
Petroglyph Operating Company, Inc.
Petrohawk Energy Corporation
Petro Hunt, L.L.C.
PetroQuest Energy LLC
Piedra Operating, LLC
Pioneer Natural Resources
Pitts Energy Co.
Plains Exploration & Production Company 
Platinum Energy Solutions
P. O. & G. Operating, LLC
PPC Operating Company, LLC
Premier Natural Resources
Price Operating, LLC
Prima Exploration, Inc.
Prime Operating Company
Primexx Operating Corporation
Probity Operating, LLC
Propel Energy, LLC
QEP Resources, Inc.
Quantum Resources Management, LLC
Quest Energy Management Group, Inc.
Quicksilver Resources, Inc.
Ram Operating Company, Inc.
Range Resource Corporation
Ray Richey Management Company, Inc.
Red Willow Production Co.
Red Willow Production, LLC
Reliance Energy, Inc.
Renegade Oil & Gas Company, LLC.
Resolute Natural Resources
Rex Energy
Rice Drilling B, LLC
Riley Exploration, LLC
RIM Operating, Inc.
RK Petroleum Corp.
RKI Exploration & Production
RLU Operating, LLC
Roff Operating Company
Rosetta Resources
Rosewood Resources
Royalty Land & Dev. Co., Inc.
RSP Permian, LLC
S.B. Street Operating, Inc.
Sahara Operating Company
Samson Exploration, LLC
Samson Oil and Gas Montana, Inc.
Sanchez Oil & Gas Corporation
Sandalwood Exploration, LP
SandRidge energy, Inc.
Sanguine Gas Exploration
Schlachter Operating Corp.
Seaboard Operating Co.
Seneca Resources Corporation 
SG Interest I Ltd.
Sharp Image Energy
Shelby Operating Company
Shell Oil Company affiliate
Silver Creek Oil & Gas, LLC
Sinclair Oil & Gas Company
Slawson Exploration Company, Inc.
SM Energy
Snyder Brothers, Inc.
Sojourner Drilling Corporation
Southern Bay Operating, L.L.C.
Southwest Royalties, Inc.
Southwestern Energy
Stanolind Operating LLC
Steller Energy & Investment Corp.
Stephens & Johnson Operating Co.
Stokes & Spiehler
Stone Energy Corporation
Strat Land Exploration Co
Suemaur Expl. & Prod., LLC
Summitt Petroleum LLC
Sundance Energy
Swan PC, LP
Swift Energy Operating, LLC
Sydson Energy, Inc.
Synergy Offshore, LLC
Synergy Resources Corporation
TACOR Resources, Inc.
TAQA North USA, Inc.
Talisman Energy USA Incorporated
Tanos Exploration, LLC
Tecpetrol Operating, LLC
Tekton Energy
Telesis Operating Co., Inc.
Tema Oil and Gas Company
Tenaska Resources, LLC
Terrace Energy
Texakoma Operating LP
Texas Alliance of Energy Producers
Texas Energy Holdings, Inc.
Texas International Energy Partners
Texas Royalty Corp.
Texas Secondary Oil Corporation
Texland Petroleum, LP
Texon Oil Company, Inc.
The George R. Brown Partnership LP
The Termo Company
Thompson Engineering and Production Corp.
Three Rivers Operating Company, LLC
Titan Operating, LLC
Treadstone Energy Partners, LLC
Tracker Resource Dev  III, LLC
Trap Rock Oil, LTD
Trey Resources, Inc.
Triana Energy
Triangle USA Petroleum Corporation
Tri-C Resources, LLC
Trilogy Resources
Trio Consulting & Management, LLC
True Oil LLC
Tug Hill Operating, LLC
TXON Partners LLC
TXP, Inc.
U.S. Enercorp, Ltd.
Ultra Petroleum
Unit Petroleum
Ute Energy Upstream Holdings, LLC
Vaalco Energy (USA), Inc.
Valence Operating Company
Vanguard Permian LLC
Vantage Energy Appalachia II, LLC
Vantage Energy Appalachia LLC
Vantage Fort Worth Energy LLC
Vantage- Uinta LLC
Venado Oil & Gas, LLC.
Venoco Inc.
Verado Energy, Inc.
Veritas Energy, LLC
Viejo Energy I, LLC
W & T Offshore, Inc.
Walsh Petroleum, Inc.
Walsh & Watts, Inc.
Walter Exploration Company
Wapiti Operating, LLC
Ward Petroleum
Warren American Oil Company
Weatherford International
Wellstar Corporation
Western Chief Operating, LLC
Wexpro Company
WG Operating, Inc.
Whiting Petroleum Corporation
Williams Oil Company
Willowbend Investments, Inc.
Windsor Permian LLC
Wolverine Gas & Oil Company of Utah, LLC
Woodbine Acquisitions, LLC
Woolsey Operating Co. LLC
WPX Energy
W.T. Waggoner Estate
Xstar Resources, LLC
XTO Energy/ ExxonMobil
Zargon Oil & Gas, LTD.
Zavanna, LLC
ZaZa Energy
Zenergy, Inc.