#EDShouston Energy Digital Summit For Oil & Gas

Did you miss the Energy Digital Summit this week? #EDShouston (internet marketing for the Oil and Gas crowd) No worries – they are already planning another summit for Q1 2015.

Folks, our editors have been to many internet marketing seminars over the years. This one was different. Instead of a bunch of nerds talking to other tech nerds, in a language no one understands – this was the who’s who of the oil and gas industry – OUR industry.

energy digital summit

We heard from leaders at Shell, BP,Baker Hughes, Dell, Twitter, and many more. Leaders from OUR industry – talking OUR language.

Here are the main takeaways:

1. The oil and Gas crowd is just now getting active in this space. That means it’s going to be easier for you to win – if you get in now.

2. Half of the Oil and gas workforce will retire in the next 5 years.
Think about that, these younger folks moving in to replace them don’t remember life before the internet.
If your company wants to attract the best and brightest – you better get to know the world they live in.

3. The public, (your customers) do not trust what you say in your advertisements or on your webpage. In the last few years, public trust for both government and business has gone way, way down.
However, they do trust what your employees are saying. That’s why at major companies like Shell, there is a huge push to get their employees engaged on social media – Facebook and Twitter).

4. The public does not understand our industry. It’s highly technical, often times exceeding what NASA is doing in outer space. All they can go on are the lies coming out of Hollywood, and the mis-information being pushed by others with an agenda.
Your company can use social media to put a human face on our industry and explain how technically advanced we are and how much we do care about the environment.

So, if you still think Facebook and Twitter are about watching cat videos, well… your competition is about to leave you in the dust!
See the EDS website to keep up with the next Summit: http://energydigitalsummit.com/