Eagle Ford Housing Report From UTSA

It’s no secret.…. Housing in the Eagle Ford area is in high demand.  Yesterday, UTSA researchers released their long anticipated study on housing in the Eagle Ford area.  As predicted, demand will be high for the next decade and beyond and local communities will need to appropriate additional funding to accommodate more schools, public utilities, public service and infrastructure.

The study forecasts three scenarios ranging from 22,000 wells to 52,000 wells over the next 15 years. Highlights of the study focused on Dimmit, Frio, La Salle, Maverick, Webb and Zavala Counties and include:

1. Affordable temporary, mobile and rental housing units are needed to accommodate the region’s new residents. 77.5 percent of the hotels in the region were 90 percent booked by people planning to stay for 30 or more days. “Affordability and sustainability of housing solutions are the most important lessons uncovered by this study,” said Kamal, the study’s principal investigator. 

2. UTSA researchers suggest that new permanent housing in the Eagle Ford shale region should include a combination of detached single-family units and attached multi-family units. Mixed-use development is highly needed in the large communities.

3. Housing units in the area need to include a flexible design approach that can adapt to changes in demographics after the extraction activities of oil and gas has ended.

4. The optimal placement for new residential developments is within 15.5 miles driving distance to work sites in the six-county region studied. Strategic locations for new developments include Carrizo Springs (Dimmit County), Crystal City (Zavala County), Dilley and Pearsall (Frio County), Cotulla (La Salle County) and Laredo (Webb County).

To Download the entire report (19 MB in PDF format):



About Eagle Ford: The Eagle Ford Shale is a 50 mile-wide by 400 mile-long geological formation that runs from the southern portion of Texas (near Laredo) to the east. The formation produces natural gas, condensate, oil, and natural gas liquids, with profit margins more favorable than other shale plays around the country. according to a study released in May 2012 by the Center for Community and Business Research at the UTSA Institute for Economic Development –  Last year, the 20-county region generated more than $25 billion in revenue for South Texas,.

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