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Trucking Industry Converted to Natural Gas Fuel


Fuel For Trucks

Fuel For Trucks

Trucking fleets across the country are discovering the benefits of natural gas fuel. Some fleets are motivated by fuel savings and price stability. Others support the goal of reducing our dependence on imported oil. Still more enjoy the environmental and sustainability benefits of this cleaner, abundant American resource.

Many natural gas trucks operate today in a wide variety of applications including port drayage, bulk hauling, LTL, intermodal, goods movement, and local pickup and delivery. Natural gas-fueled trucks are hauling loads up to 80,000 GVW (or more depending on local weight restrictions).

With the advent of new truck engines well suited for applications like heavy-duty over-the-road trucking, natural gas trucks are now available from the leading truck manufacturers and supported by their national dealer networks.

Building America’s Natural Gas Highway
Clean Energy envisions a U.S. fueling network that enables trucks to operate on natural gas in all key markets and between these markets.

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